Alan Turing

By Jaimie Rossiter

His life

He designed the programming for the world's first commercial computer. He is often called The Father of the Modern Computer. During WW2 he worked decoding the enemy codes. Churchill said that he shortened the war by two years. He worked breaking the code of the German Enigma machine, a device for sending coded messages to the German forces. He created a machine that decoded the messages (the Bombe). He then went on to decode the Naval Enigma- an even more complicated machine. His work was so secret that very few people knew of his work. In 1952, Alan was arrested for homosexuality, then a criminal offence. Alan was a man of work and couldn't live life sitting around in prison so he excepted injections of oestrogen for a year to neutralise him. He never worked for them again. Watch his story in the latest film, The Imitation Game; In cinemas NOW.

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Turing's death

Tuesday, July 6th 1954 at 9pm


It is thought that he committed suicide but there are other explanations as well; no one is entirely sure.

Enigma Machine

It was invented by German engineer Arthur Scherbius.
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