Twice shy(the book one-jonathan)

Dick francis

the main characters in the book:

jonathan: wain charicter,he got in to troble with the tapes and after the people helped him the problem was solve.
the policemen:helped to jonathan and gave him advice how to save the tapes.
mrs. orcke:she also helped him and give him important information/

the problems in the book:

the problem is that Jonathan doesn't know how to use the tapes and two mans want to steal the tapes from Jonathan.

how is sloved?:

Jonathan asked his friends to help him with the tapes and he telephoned to the police and asked him if they can help him about the people are want to steal the tapes.

My review:

I think the book is an interesting and i recamend to people to read this book.


jonathan getting 3 tapes from his friend Just before his friend died.the
Things get complicated because some people want to steal the tapes from jonathan
and jonathan doesn't know how to use them