Done - Forms of Energy

By: Daniel and Cole

Chemical energy and Electricty

You may have heard food gives you energy. That kind of energy is called chemical energy. Fossil fuels also carry's this energy. They include coal, oil, and natural gases.

Potential Energy

Imagine putting an object on a high shelf. You need energy to lift it off the shelf. The object still has that energy. It has Potential Energy. Potential Energy is energy that objects have because of where they are located.

Kinetic Energy

If the object falls off of the shelf and brakes, it loses it's potential energy and it changes to Kinetic Energy, the energy of motion. Kinetic energy is where something bounces, rolls, brakes, or drops.

LIght and Heat

Light and Heat are another type of energy. Light is special because it makes a food. A fire is important because it makes things work.
1. Energy: It's what makes things happen

2. Chemical Energy: It's the energy that stored in the chemicals of matter

3. Fossil Fuels: Fossil fuels are remains of dead plants or animals others are like coal,oil, and natural gas

4. Potential Energy: Is the energy something has because of where there located

5. Kinetic Energy: Kinetic energy is the energy that moving objects have

6. Heat: It's energy that moves from a hot object to a cooler object