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West Point Consolidated School District

Dear Staff,

Happy New Year! We hope that you have taken time over the Christmas holidays to relax and reflect. It is time to start the second half of the school year. May the New Year bring you peace, prosperity, and happiness.

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Kami by Subject

Kami for Maths
Kami for English Language Arts

Classwize Updates:


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Zoom Learning Center

The Zoom Learning Center is available to all account owners, admins, and end-users. It is a free platform that educates and empowers Zoom users to confidently use Zoom through a series of short, on-demand online courses and videos.

Common Sense Education:

Digital Citizenship Video for Grade K-2:

Follow the Digital Trail
My Media Balance
What's in Your Digital Footprint?
Screen Time: How Much Is Too Much?

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How to Hide Courses on the Dashboard

Click here to learn quickly on how to hide previous courses from the previous semester, trimester, or summer school.

Canvas: How to Change your Homepage

Click here to learn a quick way to change change your Canvas Homepage.

Mississippi Department of Education Info (MDE):

MDE: Newsletter

Digital Learning Best Practices

MDE: Digital Learning Guiding Questions

MDE: Professional Development Calendar

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ITS Cyber Tips Newsletter: December

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