The Attempted murderer

sweet shop owner mrs pratchett hunting for the boys!!!!!

Attempted murderer

Mrs Pratchett ( the sweet shop owner ) is hunting down the four boys that almost scare her to death . Yesterday at approxamatly 3.30 pm all four boys walked into mrs pratchett sweet shop before they walked in to the shop they talked about what they are going to do three of the boys jumping with excitment and the other boy frighten of what is going to happen.They distracted her while one of the boys droped in a dead rat in the gobstopper jar then they left mrs pratchett for the surprise of her life . The morning after the incident they walked pasted the sweet shop and saw gobstoppers all over the floor and the jar smashed ....... If you see these boys call mrs pratchett or go to her sweet shop on the corner of the local supermarket