Macy In the Morning

Macy Ortner

Taking the Long Way Home

The flight left at 3:30pm. From Cancun to Detroit, an almost 4 hour ride. The Ortner family is finally going home, but it's a heart-breaking time knowing that they have to leave the warm and sunny Mexico.

Their spring break was coming to an end. After the first flight to Detroit they still have another hour trip back to Green Bay. They loaded on the plane and 4 hours later they landed in Detroit. It was amazing for them to know they were close to home. The terrible thing is that they still have to get on another plane. When they finally got on the second flight it was around 8:30. Macy was half asleep when they eventually arrived in home sweet home.

The Battle, of Balloons?

Every now and then we all need a little break. The Bay View Aquarius house handles this break in a great way. At the end of every quarter they have an incentive. They spend their incentive by playing a game called Balloon Battle. But this particular battle took place on February 6th.

In this game you tie balloons to your ankles. Then you run around the gymnasium chasing each other. The point is to pop each other's balloon. The students really enjoy this activity. It's wonderful to have a fun break when you need it.

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A Speedy Celebration

Yesterday, April 16th was a crowded schedule for the Ortner girls! With school and practices in the way it was strenuous for Halle Ortner to celebrate her 13th birthday!

Even with a tight schedule she managed to get a treat. After school the Ortner girls had track practice. Immediately when track finished they carpooled with a friend, named Taylor. To refresh themselves they stopped at Culvers. "I'll have a one scoop of custard with Heath!" Halle ordered.

Rushing home, they hurried to finish their homework. There was no time for dinner, so they drove straight to soccer practice. The Ortner girls figured out that birthdays can be celebrated even with a tight schedule.