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Projects (finished and continuing)

Mr. Brocki's and Mrs. Allen's Biology students have "dipped their toes" into APA citation by reading an article, creating the citation, and then creating two parenthetical citations for the article. Then they posted it on their wikispaces page. Check out their guide at

Mrs. Parson's/Mr. Babb's American Studies students are creating a voicethread to introduce a classmate. This allows them to practice synthesis, using primary source pictures, and presentation skills - all 21st century skills. Check out the guide at

Ms. Warrick's Spanish I classes came for to look for a resource to support a reason to learn a foreign language. They learned how to evaluate websites. Check out the guide at

Ms. Norris' students stopped by to work on their awesome Visigoth/Athenian posters. We had some visitors from Mr. Bruce's and Ms. Forbis' classes, as well, as students have been working on set design. The library is the best place for students to work on projects with our abundance of supplies and helpful library staff!

Hunger Games Effie Trinket Contest

Friday, Aug. 24th 2012 at 12pm

700 Broadway

Nashville, TN

Want to win a Hunger Games DVD and a 25 dollar movie gift card? The best Effie Trinket wins! Participants will be asked to channel their best Effie Trinket by saying "May the Odds be ever in your favor!" and persuading the judges that they deserve the #1 spot. Costumes are optional but encouraged! You can store your costume in the library and get dressed at the beginning of lunch.

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