Life of Pi

How does Pi survive


Pi survies on the boat alone with a tiger. At least most of us like to believe that story because it seems more friendly. The survival aspect can be separated into two different parts. One if the first story is true about the animals then the aspect of survival is different then if the short story at the end was true.


#1 Survival

If the fantasy story was true then this could mean that he survived by learning how to control the tiger and to find a way to use the food and water wisely and to be as efficient as possible. He is busy controlling the tiger and trying to survive to his best abilities building a raft for his second boat. This is the fist way he survives for a long time. He didn't go insane since he always had something to take care of.

#2 Survival

If the fictional story is true, but if we also somehow belief a bit of the other serious story then we could figure out that he might use the animals as a way to escape the world he was in and put his mind on something else. For example all the animals on the boat represent people that were there in real life. He put them as animals to survive mentally over this period of time he spend on the sea. Otherwise he might have gone insane and not managed to cope with his life.

Fact Story

#3 Fact

If we believe in the third story then the aspect of survival isn't keeping his mind away from the situation and letting him think of other things but radar that he actually had to kill or harm people to survive on sea. This meant that he did nothing else then survive by eliminating all to live.

We are asked to take a leap of faith and believe either story 1 or 2


I thought about a main topic in this book and though to myself that there are 3 types of survival story that we can believe in. The question was to separate them and from each other and finding out how the survival aspect of each story changes as the str changes. I tried to make the reader see all of the 3 survival situations pi could have been in and at the end of the blog given them a choice to what story they believed most in. I used images at the end to make the decision factor easier at the end. I tried to divide the story into 3 parts, but since two of them are fiction I had to list two in fiction and one in fact. It gives the reader a good idea of what the author is trying to do in the book and how he is trying to show the different aspects of survival if its mental or physical. With the last sentence I tell the reader to take a leap of faith and also show how the author of the book tries to do the same and make us believe that story 1 and 2 are truer then the fact story that pi told the reporters. With this I hope they understand the main idea. In this blog I couldn't have been as detailed as I would have liked but this gives a good first impression of the book.