Tanglen Update

September 1, 2023

Welcome Back!

We are SO excited to work with your children again this year...and to our new families, WELCOME TO TANGLEN! You will grow to love our school and the community we are building together.

This is the first of many updates you will be reading this school year. I try to always get them out on Friday afternoons, so plan to build into your routines time to read the updates every weekend. Yes, I do write most of the articles in the update myself. I think it is important for you have a direct pathway to hear from me as your Tanglen Principal. Some of you have asked how to address me. As adults, feel free to address me as Jim. With the students, I have them call me Dr. Hebeisen.

I hope you had a great summer! In addition to taking a family trip to Glacier National Park, two of my sons got engaged! This photo was taken of my whole family on a rainy hike at Glacier. Although we look a bit soggy, it was one of the highlights of our trip. Working left to right you will see my son Adam, my son Ian, his fiancee Maggie, Jim, my wife Sue, my son Alex, and his fiancee Maya.

Tanglen Classroom Teachers for the 23/24 School Year

We have an awesome group of classroom teachers who will be working with your children this year. We interviewed and made an offer to another teacher to join our kindergarten team. Although we need to be patient with the process, we know she will be an excellent addition to our team! Until she is able to join us Becca Soderberg, who is our building substitute teacher, will be starting the year with the class. She is excellent as well, and we are so fortunate to have Becca as a member of our Tanglen team!


Kindergarten: Coreen Hagon, Kate Marston, Anna Wosika, and new hire (to be named once all the details have been ironed out)

First Grade: Jill Heath and Gretchen Pass

First and Second Grade Multi-age Classes: Liz Patrick, Katie Trembley, and Sara Vanhove

Second Grade: Lori O'Neil and Pam Soltis

Third Grade: Dani Hovanetz, Krista Schumacher, and Der Vang

Fourth Grade: Beth Greeninger, Christian Reyes, Natalie Ringold, and Lisa Schmid

Fifth Grade: Kevin Athmann, Natalie Gutierrez, and Kim Rossow

Attendance is Important

One of our school goals is to increase our students' attendance this year. Last year, we had many students missing too many days of school, which greatly impacted their learning and socialization with peers. In future weeks, watch this section for information about the importance of attendance and tips to assure we have your child at Tanglen as many school days as possible. Thank you!

Parent Pick Up and Drop Off Loop

Please carefully read and follow the expectations in the pdf below if you will be using our pick-up and drop-off loop at the front of our school. If you ever have someone else handle transportation for your child, please have them familiar with the expectations as well.

Thank you in advance for keeping our children safe as we efficiently transport them to and from school!

Dates to Remember

You will learn more about these events in future communications, however I wanted to share these dates with you so you can put them on your calendar:

Tuesday, September 5: First Day of School for Students in Grades 1 to 5!

Tuesday, September 5: Kindergarten Orientation Day

Kindergarten families, you should have received an email with more details a while back.

Wednesday, September 6: First Day of Kindergarten and the K Parent Boohoo/Yahoo

Drop your kindergartener off at school or the bus stop and join our PTO for a treats and coffee outside by our school entrance. It is a great way to support each other on this big milestone.

Thursday, September 28: Tanglen Block Party

This event is HUGE with great food and big fun outside by the playground. You don't want to miss this event!

NO Edible Birthday Treats

Birthdays are important! Teachers have different ways of recognizing the birthdays of students in their classes to make the students feel special.

We have a responsibility to help students establish and maintain lifelong, healthy eating habits. The District Wellness Policy (533) states, “Community building activities and celebrations that involve food during the school day should be limited. ”

We also have seen an increase in food allergies and sensitivities in our students. Many allergens are not easily found on food labels, which can lead to issues. As a result, edible birthday treats at Tanglen are not allowed. Individual teachers decide on age-appropriate ways to recognize birthdays within the school day. Some examples include: special activities chosen by the birthday child in conjunction with the teacher, families donating a book to the classroom library, allowing a child’s special guest to come read a book to the class, extended break time, etc. Your child’s teacher will provide more information about birthday celebrations.

From our PTO

The Tanglen PTO wants to STOCK THE STAFF LOUNGE!!

Pick up a snack or treat for the staff from our Target registry or supplies from our Amazon wishlist this weekend! Let’s start the year off right with pile of snacks, coffee and tea for the staff lounge!

You can have it shipped to the school or drop it in the office at school!



Jen Cameron - PTO President

Upcoming Youth Classes at Tanglen

Click the pdf below to learn about enrichment classes being offered this fall at Tanglen.

Final Thoughts

Your children will likely be very excited this weekend to start school next week. Try to have them get to bed at a regular school day time, and if you have not already, start waking up earlier. Our school day is roughly 7:50 to 2:20.

Let's work together to make school-year 2023/24 the best one yet!