Significant Battles of World War II

Battle of Britain

In the summer and fall of 1940, Frankiln D. Roosevelt orderd Britain's air force to attack Germany. Germany's air force fought back but failed to be victorious. During the summer the Luftwaffe waited around for a British surrender and only attacked in August. In September, Germany targeted and attacked London with success, but their second attack on London was unsuccessful. Leading to Hitler's surender to the Battle of Britain.

Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad took place between Germany, lead by Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Unio, lead by joseph Stalin on August 23,1942 - February 2, 1943. Nazi Germany and its allies fought the Soviet Union for control of the city of Stalingrad. Germany used intensive Lufftwaffe bombing that reduced much of the city to rubble. Both sides poured reinforcements into the city.The Axis forces were ordered to stay in Stalingrad by Adolf Hitler. After two months of fighting were exaughsted and starving. Most of the 6th amry had died off and the rest that were left surrendered.

Battle of the Bulge

The Batlle of the Bulge took place between Germany lead by Adolf Hitler and The Allies; Britain, The United States, and France from December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945. Germany's goal was to destroy four allied armies and negotiate a peace treaty in favor of the Axis powers. Germany secretly made their way to Belgium France for a surprise attack. The Allies combined and formed a bulge like force (where the battle got its name) against Germany. Germany had fuel shortages giving an advantage to the U.S. Hitler had lost the battle and America had over 100,000 casualties.