University of Oregon

"Home of the Duck"

School Information

Location: Eugene, Oregon

cost for 4 years: $562,824

Admissions: GPS requirements, Testing requirement, including SAT and ACT requirements, and Application requirements

Enrollment: 24,181

Student Teacher Ratio: 19-1

Location Information

Eugene Oregon

Fun things to do:

  1. University of Oregon Museum
  2. Cascades Raptor Center
  3. Hayward Field
  4. Alton Baker Park
  5. Hendricks Park
  6. Hult Center for the Preforming Arts


Spring and Summer Ranges from 56-83 Degrees

Fall and winter Ranges from 70-51 Degrees


  • Willamette River valley
  • Cascade Mountains
  • Pacific Ocean

Paying for collage

I plan to pay for collage in a number of ways

  • save money from the job I already have
  • Use the money I have in the bank already
  • Get a loan

Achieving Post High School Goals

My goals for the next few years of high school are:

  • Get involved with more
  • Bring my grades up more
  • Get a better GPA

Classes I will take to make my goals are:

  • Body works
  • Basic Medical Skills
  • Advanced Medical Skills
  • Sports Medicine

Avaialable Volunteer Work as Training

Youth Volunteer Program at Asante Three Rivers Hospital

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