vote yes for wind energy

by: Jamie Chambers, Hannah Sandin, Kate Olson

The Economy!

Wind energy creates many jobs. It also saves around a $100 a month per household. Many towns grow because of wind-parks because many small business owners will be able to have a business, it can power 100-150 homes or 50 businesses.

Helping the Environment

Wind energy helps the environment because we wont have to find fossil fuels that will eventually run out. We are also destroying animal homes just to get these fossil fuels and we think this is wrong!! Save the environment before we have more global warming!

Wind-Parks Around the World!

Wind Energy is VERY important!!

What People Think of Wind Energy!

Many people do not like wind energy because it is really loud and they do not like the view of the wind-park. We think wind energy is very important and can change the world but we need to start constructing more parks.

Thank You!!

Thanks for reading and we hope you start to think about wind energy!!