The Caste System

The Categories of The Caste,Hinduism,& Hope For The Future

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The Caste System

Imagine living you entire life and never being able to become anything better.Your place in society was decided entirely by what position your family was.In Ancient India,this was known as the caste system

The Categories Of The Caste

The lowest caste is Sudra.Then we have the next lowest caste which is Viasya. Now above viasya is Kshatriya. Last but not less we have the highest caste called Brahman and once you have reached Brahman your soul can finely rest.


Hinduism & Buddhism believed in reincarnation. They thought after you died reincarnation happened meaning you were reborn into a higher caste based on your good deeds, so like if you didn't complain about what caste your in,and helping others that would be having good karma. Now on to bad karma if you mean and mad and your also complain about what caste your in, you would move down in the caste. Hopeful your not a sudra now you would b an untouchable.

Hope For The Future

A cluster of India people in the hopes of escaping the caste system to the 8th fold path because of all the rules in the caste.You have to marry in your caste for an example if your a viasya you would have to marry a viasya and if you don't you would become an untouchable.

Time To Review

Well we have talked a lot about the caste system. For example, we talked about lowest caste, Sudra, and the highest caste, Brahman. Everyone is trying to reach this level so they can finally rest their soul. We also discussed how a cluster of Indians tried to escape the caste system, and also how they had to marry in their own caste.