Dragonfly Newsletter

Issue 20 Week 3rd - 7th February

This week in school

Unit of Inquiry

This week the students were focused on wasting water. They identified ways that people waste water and ways that they could save water.

On Friday the class visited the Smithsonian Institute at Punto Culebra. It was a fantastic trip in which the students were able to touch star fish, see sharks and turtles, and most of all learning a lot about ocean animals and their needs.

Language Inquiry

This week the students learnt the long U sound, including ue, and u with magic e. Using the Alphablocks video the students were able to remember the sounds these letter combinations make. They also identified long U sounds in words and sorted picture on the smart board into long and short U.

We continued with Daily 5 in class and guided reading. The students are remembering to read at home and this is an important part of their learning.

Math Inquiry

This week the students enjoyed various games which developed their knowledge and use of pennies, nickels and dimes. A favourite game was 'Exchange' in which the students rolled a dice and collected pennies. When they had 5 pennies they called 'exchange' to get a nickel and the same when they collected 10c, trading from a dime.

Alphablocks : Blue - Series 4 - Episode 09

Coming Up Next Week:

Unit of Inquiry:

  • Polluted Water
  • Cleaning Water
  • De-salinating Water

Language Inquiry:

  • 'Ouch' Words - OU blend and OW blend
  • Daily 5
  • Guided Reading

Math Inquiry:

  • Continue to work with pennies, nickels and dimes
  • Simple addition using coins
  • Skip counting with coins by 5's and 10's

Year Book Photos

Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 8:30am

The Classroom

Students need to wear their RED Uniforms and be prepared for the professional photographer to come to school on Wednesday 19th February at 8.30am.

(Students with sports CCA should bring their sports uniform to change.)