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How to appropriately dress your baby

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How Do I Dress My Baby for the Winter?

When you have a newborn baby you want to make sure they are warm for the cold winter season. Layers are key! You will want to dress them in bulky coats, long sleeve one pieces, and fleece one pieces. Babies lose heat much faster than adults do. When the baby is staying inside don't overdress the baby but make sure they stay warm.

How Do I Dress My Baby For Bed?

Make sure you don't dress your baby too warmly for bed. If you dress them too warm they might overheat and not have a good and comfortable night of sleep. In the winter you can dress them in a onesie and a light play outfit. In the summer you can just dress them in a onesie. If you swattle your baby dress them in footed pajamas and swattle them with a lightweight cotton blanket.
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How Do I Dress My Baby for Summer?

Dressing your baby in the summer season is very tricky. You cannot over dress them or they could get a heat rash. Their skin is very fragile so if you keep them in the sun to long they could get heatstroke, sunburn, and a fever. All of these symptoms could also result to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). You will want to dress them in lightweight and loose fitting clothes to prevent them from overheating. Cotton is a very good choice of clothing because they ventilate and absorb water and heat.
How To Dress Your Newborn Baby | Mothercare Baby Advice

How to Dress a Sick Baby

When your baby is sick you want to dress them in minimal clothing. Your do not want them to get a fever or for them to get a higher fever. You will want to dress them in one lightweight layer. For bed you will want to have a thin cotton layer.

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