Vocabulary Variety Show!

digital options for vocabulary study

The BISD Digital Learning Platform

BISD's Digital Learning Platform supports the BISD Learning Platform to provide a visual framework for technology integration that supports student-centered learning. Utilizing technology tools, on-line or on an app, to teach vocabulary supports research-based best practices for vocabulary instruction. All six steps of Marzano's Process for Teaching Vocabulary can be applied through engaging digital options.
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On-line Flashcard Makers with Perks!

There are numerous flashcard makers on-line, and they have different sharing and study options. Teachers can search existing sets or create sets based on unit objectives. Many sets also have equation and image options for different types of study. Many of them also have phone apps for students to practice on the go!






iPad apps for Vocabulary!

Tellagami is a fun app where students can record a message and include text. This makes the traditional "use-your-vocab-word-in-a-sentence" activity more interactive and engaging when they share their Gamis with the class.

Skitch is a quick drawing app that allows students to take a picture (of a vocab word or a Frayer Model of a word) and then draw on it to explain it.

Medical Terminology Digital Resources!

Digital Infographic Options for Kids to Show What They Know

Check out these options for infographic creation. Students can visually represent their vocabulary knowledge and also show the important connections between concepts.





Search for Public Kahoots (quizzes) About Your Vocabulary

Looking for Something Other Than Kahoot?

Instagrok: Visual Mind Maps!

Instagrok is a unique site that provides students with a graphic to connect vocabulary together in categories and sub-categories. The ability to visualize the nuances of denotation and connotation.

Student-Created Word Walls Can Make Learning More Relevant

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Read These Articles to Learn About Innovative Options

Padlet + Thinglink = Interactive Word Walls!

Read this exciting blog post about using Padlet and Thinglink to create truly interactive digital word walls that can be accessed outside the classroom.

Vocabulist + Quizlet = Student Generated Vocab Lists!

Check out this informative post from tech guru, Richard Byrne. He details how to use Vocabulist to pull vocabulary out of documents, match with definitions, then export to Quizlet for flashcard work.

Blended Learning with Digital Word Work

Read this blog post about using blended learning for vocabulary work. Dr. Kimberly Tyson compiles resources for using digital tools to deepen vocabulary development.