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BreakoutEDU & Appy Hour Follow up

Appy Hour Recap, Resources, & What's Next!

Thank you to all of you who attended our workshop on BreakoutEDU and the Demo Slam. We had some great conversations about shifting pedagogy for 21st Century learning, we escaped the BreakoutEDU challenge, and learned some teaching hacks from some of our amazing colleagues.

We would like to see every school get a BreakoutEDU kit for their site where teachers can check out and facilitate the learning. To promote this idea, we are offering our very own personal BreakoutEDU box to be checked out and we can come to your site or classroom to help get you started. Please go to for more info or email us directly.

I wanted to send out this news letter to give you some of the resources so you can process them on your own time and for all of those who weren't able to attend. There are three links I would like to share:

  1. The link to the Google Slide Deck for our presentation (with all of the resource links embeded)
  2. The link to The TEDRadio Podcast about Gamification and how it relates to learning and human behavior.
  3. An invitation to a fun meet up - social that we are having outside of work. (Think = H+APPY)

Book Us!

We enjoy doing professional development sessions, but we would much rather be in the classroom with you! We can come and do personalized PD and help you lesson design, co-teach, or do demo lessons. We have tons of resources and are dying to share them.

Instructional Coaching for Technology

Academic coaches are providing services to teachers in small groups, one-to-one, & in large groups. Our purpose is to improve student achievement, deepen curricular rigor, and refine teacher efficacy through professional learning between the coach and the other teachers on campus. We provide teachers with support so they can efficiently meet the needs of 21st century students.
2015 TCOE Excellence in Education Award Winner - Chris Cumiford