Happy New Year: Welcome Back


Teaching Independence

"But I fantasize about the day I will be trusted to teach my students how to roll with the punches, find their way through the gauntlet of adolescence, and stand firm in the face of the challenges -- challenges that have the power to transform today's children into resourceful, competent, and confident adults." Jessica Lahey

Recently I have had a few students emailing me about their home learning, asking clarifying questions or writing to explain why it cannot be completed that evening. It occurred to me last night, that this is exactly what I have been trying to get these students to do all year: Take ownership for their learning. I appreciate that some parents need to email me with their own questions, concerns or notes but I truly feel at this time in grade 3 your children are all more than capable of sending me an email regarding their learning. These days in class we are constantly using technology to get into our google accounts, use our google drive for publishing in google docs. Therefore, they are very comfortable with using this venue to communicate with me and each other in their partnerships. Please empower them at home to take things like home learning questions or needing to communicate with me about a busy evening hampering their ability to complete assignments into their own very capable hands.

So next time your child has a question regarding our classroom tell them to send Ms. Day an email. Thank you to those parents who so thoughtfully are already 2 steps ahead of me and got the ball rolling on this!

We have had a great first week back to school clearing away all the cobwebs. However, I feel like students are ready for a weekend of sleeping in and playing once again!

Easing Back In...

This week we launched a new Reading unit, Author Studies Writing Unit Realistic Fiction and Science Unit; Structures of Life.

Students didn't skip a beat. They picked back up on routines and habits.