Education & Families in Med. Europe

By: Blain Upshaw and Manuel Mares

Education in Medieval Europe.

  • Education was barely important, until they saw how much success came from people.
  • Not everybody got to go to school, because education was only open to the sons of the "High Class"

Basic Education

  • The basic education was the "7 Liberal Arts".
  • Trivium is the 1st of the 2 teachings. It divides into 3 Roads.
  • Trivium was Grammar, Rhetoric, and Logic.
  • Quadrivium is the 2nd of the 2 teachings. It divides into 4 roads.
  • Quadrivium was Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music.
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  • Women were the greatest supporters of the medieval household.


  • Marriages had almost nothing to do with love or romance. In fact, marriages were used to affect the family, the economy, and the inheritance.


  • Children were shaped out by their environment, especially the one their parent's create.
  • When having a child during the middle ages, most people wanted a son, because the looked at who would rule a kingdom.
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