New Plant Found

By Maddy White

Common and binomial name

Common: Pull Pink

Binomial: Carpo Roseus

Environment description

The Pull Pink plant is found only in warm, wet climates. Temperature can range from 90-100 degrees during the day and 60-70 at night. It tends to be humid and rainy. It's climate is very rarely ever found dry.


1. Long stem so it can absorb sun light

2. Long roots so it can help absorb the excess of extra water

3. Water is stored mainly in the stem, most plants keep water in the leaves and soon shed the leaves off. This plant keeps water in the stem so it can shed leaves without losing water

Reproductive method

Sexual. When other plants pollen lands on the stigma it reproduces.

Seed dispersal

Once the plant starts to die (the petals falling off) the seeds inside the ovary are then set free and they are taken away either from wind or pollination.

Similar plants on earth

Yellow Iris. They both have long stems, a flower, and they both are found in wet climates.

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