Evan Strong

Lauren Johnson


Evan grew up surfing in Maui, Hawaii ever since he was a little boy, shoes were never a worry to him. Then at the age of 11 when Evan and his family picked up and moved across Hawaii Evan grew interest in the local skate park which his mother had referred to as the "cement waves". At age 13 Evan had taken the eye of some sponsor's from local skate shops and continued to compete in local competitions. This just made Evan love skateboarding even more. Then at the age of 17 tragedy struck when Evan missed his ride to work. Having to take his sisters motorcycle that she had received on her birthday Evan was hit by a drunk driver speeding at 65 mph head on only being a mile away from home. Evan was told he would have to get his left leg amputated off. Despite losing a limb Evan was focused on recovery and had attended his first ever (CAF) Challenged athletes foundation in La Jolla, California. Evan Is now traveling around the world as a world class snowboarder and skateboard athlete and took part in the Paralympics the 2014 winter Olympics for the disabled.


Even when Evan was down he continuously reminded himself that he was an athlete and nothing was going to stop him from doing what he loved. No matter what Evan had to do he would do it to get back to where he was somehow. Being impaired has only made Evan stronger he says, Evan has continued staying a family man while traveling around the world encouraging and mentoring amputees like Evan. Evan as Evan says, "When you’re given a second chance to live, it gives you a very powerful perspective,”.

Evan Strong

Sports as a subculture

In the summer Paralympic there are 22 sports and 5 sports on the winter Paralympic program. Part of the Alpine skiing portion Evan takes part in the men's Para snowboard competition. Snowboarding with one leg and one prosthetic leg must be a real challenge but Evan Strong makes it look easy.


Two days after getting his leg amputated off Evan had already started physical training hoping to get the strength back to get back to where he was before the accident. Evan did everything in his power to get him back on that skateboard and would even stand on the skateboard with one leg and his crutches and guide himself down the street. Along with his own recovery joining the "CAF" challenged athletes foundation Evan had hoped to help others with similar challenges. By mentoring others with his knowledge and helping with recoveries Evan has gained a reputation to help and inspire those with similar complications.


Evan started out by preforming a skateboarding exhibition during the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic games. Then by Evan learning how to snowboard Evan competed in the Paralympic test event in Sochi, Russia in 2013 where he won 1st place and took home the gold.

Social Interaction/ competition

competition is a social process that occurs when awards are given to people on the basis of their performance. Social Interaction is the process of influencing each other as people relate. Evan Strong is I believe more at competition with himself against his disadvantages. Everyday he's trying to accomplish more things and setting higher goals for himself with his disability. Although Evan was in many skateboarding competitions before and got really good at what he was doing now he's getting good at snowboarding with a disadvantage. which many cant even do without two feet. Evan is also always trying to help others out with similar disabilities physical and emotionally and for that Evans social interaction in the Paralympics and around the world is greatly appreciated.

Symbolic Theory

Always being an active kid, skateboarding and surfboarding was Evans life but after his complications it seemed as though snowboarding would be his new passion. To Evan just doing something he loved and inspiring others was his real goal in life. He loved being out there and being active, Evan is now helping others succeed and that's his real life's goal.


My thoughts and reflection on doing this project have not only opened my eyes to other things but it also gives me a brighter outlook on life. Its just amazing what some people can overcome and although it doesn't seem like that big of a deal for Evan to just lose a leg while others lose their life its the fact Evan almost lost what he loved doing but found the strength to overcome that.