Food Flavorist

By Emmy Shockley

So... What is a Food Flavorist?

Food Flavorists focus on improving the taste and nutrition of artificial flavors. They attempt to make artificial foods taste more like the real thing.

Where do Food Flavorists work, and how much are they paid?

Food Flavorists spend their days in a culinary lab. These labs are called flavor houses. The average salary for a Flavorist is about $65,340 per year.

What will this job be like in the future?

Food chemistry will be very important in the future. Over the years, genetically modified organisms (GMO) have become more popular. Scientists have begun to use GMOs and artificial flavorings more in foods rather that natural flavorings and organic foods. Since there will be more of these things, Food Flavorists will be much needed in the culinary department to make the flavorings healthier.

What type of education do i need to become a Flavorist?

Flavorists usually have a bachelor's or master's degree in food science, biology, or chemistry. Aspiring Flavorists must work through seven years of post-baccalaureate training before they can become an official Food Flavorist. After the seven year training, Flavorists work as lab assistants for about five years. Once this pat of training is finished, Flavorists get an interview, and undergo two final years of training before they are able to become certified Flavorists.