Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- February 3, 2017

Week at a Glance

Reading- We finished The Family Under the Bridge, and the kids seemed to love it! It opened up some great conversations about different lifestyles and struggles. We were also able to compare how characters in a book change from the beginning to the end. Next week we will start a biography unit to focus on African American History month. (This will also fit into social studies!)

Math- This week we worked on geometry, multiplication, and subtraction while doing an art activity! Who knew art and math could go hand and hand?! We had a very challenging activity, but the students persevered. We were so proud of them.

Science- We started our circuit unit and the kids are loving it (so are we!) We're figuring out how to create a complete circuit. Yesterday students explored ways that worked and didn't work to create a complete circuit. Check out the pictures below to see what they came up with!

Writing- Next week we will begin opinion writing! This will not only give students a voice, but help prepare them for the Ohio State Test.

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Genius Hour Presentations

Students will present their Genius Hour presentations after school on Wednesday, February 8th from 4-6. Students will stay after school for these, and a permission slip will be coming home tonight for that. We understand that with sports some students may not be able to stay for these, so we will also allow students to present in our SLC for other classes Thursday morning.

Presentations will be set up similar to a wax museum where students stand at their presentation and present as people walk up to them. They will not present one at a time, in front of everyone.

Battle of the Blizzards

On February 7th, come to the New Albany Dairy Queen and vote for your favorite Blizzard designed by teachers. Dairy Queen will donate 20% of total sales from the 4 nights back to our school.

The 3rd grade blizzard is called the "Eagle Triple Treat," and will have oreo, cookie dough, and hot fudge! Miss Pratt will be volunteering at DQ on Feb 7th from 7-8 p.m.

Valentine's Day Party

If you'd like to sign up for the Valentine's Day Party, here is the link:

A class list will be coming home today to make Valentine's cards if you choose.