By Elie Wiesel

How did camp life change the prisoners as a person? A family? And relationships with other human beings?

When it came to camp life the main goal was to survive. With that as the goal many people changed from who they were. Most lost their humanity while some lost the fight to survive altogether. It didn’t really matter how physically strong you were because it was very easy to break down mentally.

The ones who were lucky got to stay with a family member or someone you consider a friend or neighbor. But after a while and getting into survival mode many lost sight on anyone but themselves. In the book on page 89 Eliezer tells us about how savage the prisoners become over a piece of bread. Then in the second to last paragraph he tells us how a son kills his own father just for a bite of food, even when the father was willing to share, only to die along beside his father. It just shows how strong wanting to survive was that you kind of just lost sight of family. Slowly your humanity vanished if not strong enough.

Once your humanity is gone you really are not even considered human. Any relationship with another human being besides yourself is pretty much gone. Camp life was so hard on the prisoners that they weren’t themselves ever again.

Identify at least three themes in the novel.

In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, I identified many themes. There could have been more than three, but the three I found most important were Humanity, Death, and Survival.

Humanity because many people had to hold on to their last bit of humanity after everything was taken from them. They also had to bear and witness so much cruelty that made humanity essential to have.

I thought Death was a theme in the novel because all around there was death. Millions upon millions of people died and it left a huge impact in this world.

There was Survival also that I choose as a theme because that was what you had to do, Survive. You had to be strong in order to make it, but not just physically strong but mentally and emotionally strong as well.

What does this novel reveal about you as a human being?

I think this novel reveals heaps of things about us and this world. But one thing that stood out in my mind was of how blessed I truly am. Being able to live with no struggles or any traumatic events like lots of these people went through.

It shows me how strong a human mind, body, and soul can be but also how cruel others can be. I feel thankful and lucky now with the life I have and am beyond appreciative for everything I have and am given.