Make Mondays Meaningful at Home



Welcome parents and families!

This year we will put a huge emphasis on Mondays to start off the week with a positive outlook and present different social and emotional challenges to our students. Every month will have it's own theme and each week there will be a specific topic relating to that theme. Each week we will post the specific topic discussed at school, as well as, a video or possible family activity that could be done at home to support this growth at home.

Please contact us if you ever have concerns.

Mrs. Lewis - 5th grade counselor

Mr. Acuna - 6th grade counselor

We look forward to working with you and supporting your children.

-Mr. Acuña and Mrs. Lewis

November - Making School Relevant

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What is under your control? What do you value?

This month we will be discussing something that is completely under the control of and that holds and will increasingly hold value to your student: School

School is relevant. It is important. School affects your life.

Relevance for School is a student’s sense that the school he or she is attending is interesting and holds value.

Interesting does not mean not boring in this sense. It means that your student has a personal interest in it. There is something about it that benefits the student. There is something good that will come out of it for the student.

And that it holds value. You and I usually take care of something or someone we value. You value it and take care of it.

This month, we want to start thinking of school that way. School is good for us. Something good will come out of school for me. Even when others do not, I can take care of my education.

How can we continue to grow Relevance for School:

-Ask your student how school will affect their future;

-Share with your student things you value about school.

October - Make Mondays Caring

Do you know someone who is caring? Who is helpful, kind, patient, gracious, someone who seems to be “other-focused”? During this month of October, we are focusing on this amazing quality of being caring people.

Students at Sullivan began this topic by thinking about the most caring person they know. Well, they filled one of the hallway windows with hundreds of people who have displayed this wonderful and hopefully contagious quality.

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How can we continue to make Mondays Get Caring a growing quality?

-Ask your student about the caring people in his or her life. Ask them about the actions and attitudes displayed by these people.

-Tell your student, point out caring characteristics in your student.

September - Make Mondays Welcoming

Week of August 30 - Mondays are Welcoming to Others

Welcoming others is not always an easy topic for our kids (or us adults), it's easier to just hang out with people you already know.

This week your students are being encouraged to talk to kids they don't know quite as well and learn someone's name they don't already know who is in their class. At lunch on Wednesday they will see a series of 'Would You Rather' questions in lunch like would you rather visit the beach or the mountains? This will happen to give students a potential conversation starter if they aren't sure what to say.

How You Can Support Growth in Your Child This Week:

-Ask specific questions about their day - examples: Which classes did you have today? What did you do in band today? Who did you sit with at lunch?

-Ask about who their friends are and what they have in common

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Make Mondays Open to New Ideas -- Week of September 20

Do you see birds or a woman's face in the picture below?

Different people will notice different things first. Isn't it interesting how we all create ideas and form opinions differently? This week students were challenged to look at some things differently, it is very easy to keep our opinions and minds set in a certain way just because it's always been that way but take a chance and try to look at things through a different view point.

I have included some more double pictures for your enjoyment below.

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Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month where we honor and recognize famous hispanic individuals and their contributions to our world. Feel free to check out this page, click on each picture to see a short biography video.

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