Earthquakes are one type of natural disasters.

Here are some things you can do to prevent maximum destruction or damage of an earthquake.

  • Prepare an escape plan just in case an earthquake happens
  • Keep heavy items off of high places on the wall
  • Get an earthquake insurance if you live near a fault line
  • Don't panic, stay calm

Earthquakes can be bad, but they also can be much safer than other natural disasters. Here is why.

  • They only happen on the tectonic plates
  • Many earthquakes are small and unnoticeable
  • You can get an earthquake insurance if you live near or on a fault line
  • Volcanoes can effect things in the sky and on the ground but earthquakes can only effect things on the ground

Interesting Facts:

  • Earthquakes can happen under water!!!
  • Because of moving plates, scientists predict that Alaska will be neighbors with San Francisco!!!
  • The tectonic plates only move about six inches a year!!!

Pros Living In An Earthquake Region

  • You can get earthquake insurance if you live near a fault line
  • Many earthquakes are unnoticeable
  • Scientists are trying to figure out a way to prevent earthquakes in the future

Cons Of Living In An Earthquake Region

  • Earthquakes can cause flooding
  • They can completely destroy buildings
  • You can be effected by earthquakes thousands of miles away

The Impact On Things And People

  • Cause people to loose their homes
  • Kills people
  • Kills animals
  • Kills organisms

How Do Earthquakes Happen?

An earthquake is created by the slipping or bumping of the tectonic plates. Tectonic plates are huge pieces of Earth's crust. They are always moving, but very slowly.Earthquakes happen all over the world on something called fault lines. Fault lines are lines along the earth where tectonic plates split. In fact, there is a fault line over California and Alaska. That means there are lots of earthquakes in those places.
Earthquakes..... How They Happen.

This is how an Earthquake happens.

Why Would People Want To Live In California If There Are Many Earthquakes There?

  1. There is Hollywood there peoples!
  2. Many people go to California for business
  3. If you are a 49ers, Raiders or Chargers fan then you should live there to see the football games

Why Do We Want To Live In Alaska If It Is On A Fault Line?

  1. There is so much snow to go sledding!
  2. You can try something new by ice fishing instead of regular fishing.
  3. Lots of people like to climb mountains there.....if they are brave enough!
  4. There are lots of Dog Sled Races in Alaska