A Land of Cultural Diversity

By Alex Corbin

When people think of Switzerland they imagine alps, Swiss army knives, cheese, snow, and outdoor activities. Switzerland lives up to it’s expectations and more with the beautiful mountains, picturesque villages, and modern cities. This landlocked country shares borders with Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. Each of these countries have had an impact on the Swiss culture. And to a degree it has had a melting pot effect.

The Swiss celebrate several festivals during the year depending on the seasons and the region. Some have a long history and tradition, while others are modern. Many festivals are centered around key agricultural products such as wine and cheese. Other festivals are influenced by the culture of the regions. Some regions have a very Germanic culture while others are influenced by France and Italy. The proximity of Italy and France contribute to the cultural diversity of Switzerland.

Agriculture and tourism are two of Switzerland’s main businesses. However, the country is renowned for its banking and financial services. The prosperous and peaceful country offers residents and visitors a high quality of life rich in cultural diversity.

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