PBIS newsletter

December 2014

General Reminders/Upcoming

1. Hallway procedures in transition: We discussed this issue in our PBIS meeting and we don't want to add one more thing for you to do but to enhance what we have in place. As a reminder when you are switching classes for 212, math, unified arts etc... Students should be at a zero and on the right side of the hallway. Please remember to clip up students, compliment class, golden tickets to your students or others. We tend to focus on the negative things happening in these incidents and those students who are doing what they are supposed to are not getting recognized. CLIP UP, COMPLIMENT, GOLDEN TICKET.

2. Also, remember to be present in the hallways during transitions this will cut down on procedures not being followed.

3. January 5th the first day back will be procedure review time from 9-9:45. You will need to review ALL procedures, watch the procedures video, do a team building activity, go over secret missions.

4. Students will be receiving secret mission forms that Jordan will be sending you through email with explanation. Short- do something nice for someone with out them knowing and then share when we come back from break.

5. Working on lesson plans to do once a month to address issues with behaviors, such as respect, responsible etc.... Look for the first one in January

Classroom Compliment Chart, Let's Them Up!!!

When you reach 100 compliments send up the attached form so we can recognize your class on the announcements and receive your certificate to hang outside your classroom. You will complete this form and receive a certificate for every 100 compliments. Also, use the attached reward chart for your classroom.