Maddie Lasater


Imagine living in a place where people were imprissoned, beaten, and even killed for believing something different then the rule of authority. In the time that Jesus Christ was alive which was 4 B.C- 33 A.D things like this were commen making it difficult for a person to say what they believed in. Jesus Christ belongs in to hall of fame because he improved the world and made a global impact by starting a new religion, giving a message that meant you don't have to be a king or superior ruler to be secessful in life, and gave the gift of forgiveness and hope to people letting them know that people are capable of being forgiven.

How he changed the world

When Jesus Christ was born his mother Mary and her husband Jospeh was Jewish, at this time the biggest religious groups were Jewish and Cathlolic. The Roman Catholic Church was the main superior power at the time punishing anyone who didn't believe in what the Church did making it impossible for anyone to believe what they choose. Jesus Christ spent his life on earth talking about God, and heaven and a way to be saved, this message sparked interest nation wide. Jesus's message gave the gift of hope and forgiveness and that people should be able to choose whom they wish to follow. Jesus said that people should be forgiven for their sins and that people should love one another not go to war with each other.

Pictures of Jesus Christ


In conclusion Jesus Christ changed the world and made a tremoundous impact by showing that people are capable of forgiveness with a message that one does not have to be a supreme power to be successful in life, he spent his life healing the sick and feeding the hungry, and showing kindness to everyone making the world a better place.


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