Final Course Reflection

Stephen Shupe / ED 206 / Shellie Gutierrez / Dec. 9, 2015

End-of-semester thoughts

How did you “grow” as a student and as a person?

What I found most valuable about the course was how it made me feel more comfortable in the classroom. As someone who's more introverted, I felt that I was stepping out of my comfort zone when I chose teaching as my profession. This course taught me how the classroom could be a place to have fun, and how to a great extent the teacher has control over that environment.

What did you learn?

My coursework at WSU did not require me to take an Intro to Teaching class. I signed up for Dr. G's course on the recommendation of a colleague and because I wanted to find out how one actually functions in and manages a classroom. I learned about different strategies of classroom management (like icebreakers, proxemics and nonverbal cues), and how to build a stimulating environment through, for example, music and seating arrangement. I learned the value of taking an exploratory approach to technology as a teacher by using tech tools like Glogster and Smore for the first time. Best of all, I got to practice many of the things I was learning in class at my teaching gig at the Wichita Indochinese Center, where I learned this is a job I really enjoy doing. I firmly believe the course helped me realize this potential.

What did you think of the course, the teacher, the students, and the projects?

I went in hearing good things about this course and the teacher, and they greatly exceeded my expectations. Dr. G's passion and dedication were inspiring, and I hope that one day I can be for my students what she was for me: someone who sees your potential, helps you see it too, and leaves you better prepared for the next level.

I greatly appreciated the time we spent crafting a professional resume and cover letter. I was grateful for the feedback I got from my fellow students and very happy with the finished product.

I made a good decision at the beginning of the semester by choosing to focus on ESL students and teachers for my observation hours. I gained a lot of invaluable experience and perspective through my three observation assignments.

Dr. G set the tone and I enjoyed seeing my colleagues respond to it and evolve over the semester. I tend to feel like a wallflower in class, but certain interactions led me to believe I was having a bigger impact on people than I'd realized. I greatly appreciated these interactions. The only negative experience I had was with a group member who didn't pull her weight during preparation for our lesson facilitation.

What changes would you make to this course, if any?

The proposed changes to lesson facilitation research sound like a good revision. The course was very rewarding and I don't have any changes to add.

What will you change about yourself?

While I think I've gotten a good start in the right direction, I'm far from being able to conduct, as one of our presenters said on the last day of class, "continual courageous conversations." I want to become braver as a person and as a teacher.