May 2016

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End of Year Technology Clean-Up

It is that time of year. The frantic pace of end of year testing, teaching, and prepping for the summer. Take a deep breath and schedule time each week for your end of year technology items. If you do a few things each week, then it isn't as overwhelming and you can track down help if needed. Some will take more time than others so plan accordingly. Here are the Top 10 items (not any any particular order):

1. Clean out all district drives. O - district drive (remove anything that you placed there that doesn't need to be left for next year), M - media drive (this only applies to those that have access, such as yearbook), G - campus common drive (remove anything that isn't needed for next year), S - campus shared drive (staff only drive - again remove anything that isn't needed for next year), H - personal drive (remove what isn't needed for the end of the year and back up everything to your Google Drive.

2. Software - Since there is always a possibility your computer will be reimaged make a list of any special software that you need on your computer for the next school year.

3. HEAT tickets - Submit HEAT tickets for any hardware that is broken.

4. Passwords - collect all of your post-it notes and put your passwords in one location that you can find at the start of next school year (make sure it is someplace that will go with you in case you move rooms or campuses).

5. Assessment reports - Collect your students end of year scores for any benchmarks, screeners, SRI tests, etc. Remember these databases are emptied and set up for next year's students.

6. Schoolwires - Update your district webpage (Schoolwires) for the summer. Remove anything not need from your site manager (this frees up disk space). If you have pages that you don't need now but will in the fall make them inactive to hide them.

7. Desktop - Anything that you have saved to your computer's desktop move to your Google Drive. Remember that your computer might be reimaged during the summer break and anything on your desktop will be gone and cannot be retrieved. Also, you can't move your computer to a new room or campus and you will want your files to go with you.

8. Eduphoria - Update your teaching certifications, and professional development in Workshop (remember college hours count (45 hours per class). Finish surveys and save your certificates in your Google Drive (don't forget to label them otherwise they will all say certificate and have a number). Forethought - move your planner forward if you want, remove anyone that you don't won't share your planner with next year, send emails to anyone sharing planners with you asking to be removed from their planners, put in HEAT tickets if someone has a ZZ- in front of their name so the accounts can be removed). PDAS - make a copy of your information.

9. Back everything up. Since you have unlimited storage in your Google Drive use it to back everything up to and if you want, bring a flash drive from home to create a second backup. This is a great time to change ownership of files in Google to others if you need to do that.

10. Celebrate your accomplishments. Visit the DISD badge website and request badges for all of the great things you have done with your students this year that involved technology.


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