Experts In Finance Project

By: Amanda brawley & Brittaney Croxton

Suze Orman!

What is your expert well-known for? What is his/her claim to fame?

Suze Orman is an American author, financial advisor, motivational speaker, and a television host. Her tv show was called the Suez Orman financial show.

What are some of his/her key ideals or suggestions?

Suze Ormans key ideas or suggestions are one take a snap shot of your finances and adopt a foolproof credit card strategy.

List two quotes from your expert regarding money tips/finances?

Two quotes of hers are "people first, then money, then things." and "so many financial dreams are thwarted by the failure to act up on good intentions".

How did he/she make his/her money?

She has a tv show called the suze orman show and for her self-help financial planning books.

How much is your expert estimated to be worth?

35 million in $US (2014)

What do you think is good about their advice or suggestions for making and keeping money?

We agree with her advice and suggestions because she keeps up with her finances. She puts people first and she encourages people to save money.

What of their advice do you disagree with or question?

We don't agree on when she says don't obsess over your home value because if your don't pay your mortgage or bills then you should worry so you should pay more attentions to that kind of thing then NOT obsess over it.


Her full name is Susan Lynn Orman but go's by suze. She was born June 5th 1951 in Chicago. Went to the university of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and is Jewish. She also never carries cash. When she was 30 years old she was a waitress making $400 a month. She marries Kathy Travis in September in 2010 and currently lives in California. She received her B.A in social work.

The WOW factor:

What's sets Suze Orman apart from others is that she never new she was going to be a financial adviser and never though about it, she was a waitress for 30 years. She wears leather jackets, pants and cowboy boots they wear skirts, dresses and heals. We feel like she has surpassed many people in her field by showing people new ways to spend money and could help them about how to convince others by taking tips.