Humid Contenital Climate Zone

By: Grace Brown and Quinn Smith


Animals in this climate zone include; bears, deer, bison, raccoons, wolves, etc

Evergreen forests are found in the north and deciduous forests as you move south. Many grasses and shurba are also found in this climate zone which makes it excellent for farming as well as having warm summers and regular rainfall.

Where can you find this Climate Zone?

The Humid Continental climate zone is located above 30 degrees N and 60 degrees N latitude, within the central and northeastern portions of North America, Europe, and Asia.
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What is the climate/weather like?

Summer month temperatures average about 71 degrees and winter months usually average about 25 degrees. There is around between 20 and 50 inches of rainfall and almost all regions experience snow.

General Description

The humid Continental Climate Zone has many temperature differences, with warm humid summers and severly cold winters.