Al capones

Capones early years

Al capone was born january 17 1898 in brooklyn. He was born to the parents of gabriel and teresina capone.His education was good until the age of 14 when he slapped his teacher and was expelled .After that he never went to school.


On february 14 1929 It was the st.valentines massacre.Where 7 people got killed.Al copen men are going to be waiting for the people to come.Al capone left and went to a hoatal with his girl friend.So he would not be a part of the crime.That day 7 people died.Capone killed opponents elections works and then threatened with his trheten he won the office.

Prison for Al capone

Al capone went to his first jail in Atlanta.But in 1934 he moved from the prison in atlanta to the infamous Alcatraz in san francisco.After 6 and an half years of good behavior.He got released.

Final days

Capone stared to have bad heath.He had syphilis and became confused disoriented.HIs wife stuck by hem till january 1947.When he died of cardiac arrest at age of 48.