The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

by Brennan Smothers

Book Talk

The Magician's Nephew is about the beginning of Narnia. Two kids from England named Digory and Polly go to a place called the Wood Between Worlds. They go there by magic rings that were given to them to go there by Digory's Uncle Andrew. They then go to another world called Charn. It was ruled by a queen named Jadis. She destroyed the world by say the "Deplorable Word". She was awakened by a bell that Digory hit in the Palace of Charn. She is taken to the kids' world when she was chasing after them when she said she was to rule their world. When she got there she bossed around Uncle Andrew. He was to be her slave/servant. She then went somewhere and then came back another time later in a horse carriage and then up roared the neighborhood. Digory, Polly, Queen Jadis, the horse, and the horse's cabby all went back to the Wood Between Worlds. They go to an unknown world of darkness. Then they hear music come from all different directions, then saw the great land of Narnia. They met the Lion named Aslan, who was very wise and nice. Then the Cabby and his wife then were crowned king and queen of Narnia. Then Digory asked Aslan if he had any magical fruit to heal his mother. Aslan said he did,