Kyogle High School

Executive Meeting: Principal's Report 2 September 2015

Thank You

Can you please pass onto your staff a big thank you for Term 3. I know we still have 2 weeks to go but for many staff they probably feel as if we have done more than a term already...

Special thank you to the teachers of Year 12. I know each and every one of these teachers are working hard on revision, consolidation of knowledge and lots of TLC with these students.

There have also been a lot of excursions and VoRs which do add to the pressure of the daily work but never the less are important for a well rounded education. Can we please encourage our staff to put articles in our Newsletter so parents/community see the work that does go on here at KHS.


Thank you for Adam and Susan for the work that has already gone into the timetable. We are on track at the moment however need to make some decisions around:

- allowances

- allocation of 'days'

- Generalist Class

- HT position 2016

I should be able to give Adam/Susan the anticipated staffing for next year. I still have to calculate the number of Yr 11 and 12 2016 doing staff and resubmit. Once I have done this I will have a number they can work with.


I am concerned about the attendnace of a number of students.

Sam Davey - have had confirmation Sam will be enrolling at Nimbin Central and doing part-time DE

Tianrna Kerr-Harling - still has not returned home. Am in contact with authories

Lil Chinomy - return from suspension meeting next Monday. A risk assessment will be completed.

Kristelle Murray - had hoped to have a meeting with Millie today and suggest Kristelle signs out (17 and 4 mths). Until I have that completed however, please send BOSTES letters.

Rhiannon Murray plus the twins - will get back onto Andrea. Have heard the student in Yr 6 will not be coming here next year so maybe they are intending to move. Keep up the letters on the twins.

Staff Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 8th, 3:45-5pm

kyogle High School library

1. Janet et al - presentation