Much Ado About Nothing

Written by: William Shakespeare


The three most important plot points of Much Ado About Nothing are when Don Jon successfully convinced Claudio that Hero was unfaithful to him, when Claudio publicly shamed Hero, and when it was revealed to Claudio that Hero was alive and the two got married. When Don Jon convinced Claudio that he was betrayed it caused major conflict in the story. When Claudio publicly shamed Hero multiple conflicts arose including Benedick challenging Claudio to a duel, Hero fainting, as well as a plot being put into motion that involved Hero playing dead. Finally, when Hero was reveled to Claudio as alive, it resolved all other conflicts in the story and ended the story.



The popular song "Jealousy" by the famous band Queen perfectly represents one of the themes of Much Ado About Nothing. The Jealousy theme is portrayed with two main character; Don Jon and Claudio. Don Jon shows this theme as he tries to destroy Claudio's happiness purely because Don Jon was jealous of how likable Claudio was. Claudio's jealousy is of Borachio because he believes that he has made love to Hero. "Jealousy" by Queen represents Claudio's type of jealousy better than the type help by Don Jon. Freddie Mercury in this song sings about how jealousy, and with it suspicion, consumed him. This is very similar to Claudio's jealousy because Clausio was also suspicious of Hero's unfaithfulness.