Beirut, Lebanon

beautiful beaches and just the place for your vacation!

A Bite Of Beirut

Take a bite of some popular foods in Beirut. If you are on a walk or at a restaurant some good foods can be hummus, falafel, and fuul. Hummus is a great chip dip made of crushed chick-peas and olive oil. After you are done eating, a delicious dessert is baklava, baklava is made of a light flakey pastry drenched with honey and drizzled with rose flavored syrup. If you are just out and about you might find foods like chick peas and chicken. Make sure if your on a walk or at a restaurant to try some of these delicious foods.
How to make Tabouleh
How To Make Falafel

Ancient Times In Beirut

The history of lebanon has effected it a lot, now your probably wondering how, let me tell you. In AD 395 Lebanon was ruled by Rome. An interesting fact is that Lebanon has been inhabited since the prehistoric days. The first well known group in lebanon were the Phoenicians, they discovered purple dye. In AD 325 Christianity was introduced. As you just read Beirut has had a long interesting history.

Beirut's Climate

You might ask yourself, what is the climate like in

Lebanon, like is it hot cold or warm? well read on and find out. In the coastal areas the weather is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit in january and 85 degrees Fahrenheit in june. A big majority of Lebanon is mostly humid in the summer. The Bekka Valley generally gets less rain than the mountains. Costal areas are generally REALLY humid. So from this information, costal areas in June are the place you want to be if you are looking for a hot place.

The Sounds Of Beirut

There are lots of popular languages in Beirut. But if you are wanting to go there you are going to want to learn the most popular. More than 100 million people speak arabic. Another important/form of arabic is colloquia arabic. Linguists are working on an arabic dictionary. So as you just read,, arabic is the language you want to learn if your going to Beirut. أنا أحب بيروت! means i love Beirut in arabic!

The Land Of Beirut

Beirut is a land of wonderful lakes, rivers, mountain ranges, and valleys. Lets check out a few popular ones. Beirut has lots of important rivers, the longest most important river is The latina River. The second most important river is the Orontes River.One of the most fertile valleys is Bekaa valley. The anti-Lebanon range is one of the most largest mountain ranges that runes parallel from each other. Hope you get a chance to check out some of these cool land marks.

Fun in Beirut

Sometimes you might get a little bored, so here are some things you can do for fun. If you are looking for a fun way to explore Beirut try out "Beirut By Bike". Maybe you are looking for a fun adventure on a hot day, try out "Rainbow Island". If you are carrying the kids around and they want to do something fun and refreshing, try "Splash Mountain". On a cold day when you are up for a scare, try out Rio Lento. Hope you get a chance to try these amazing sights.:)



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