All About Me

Caleb Williams

My Name

Caleb in Hebrew means "Devotion to God". Caleb is from the Bible. I go by my real name. My grandma gave me this name. I was born 33days after my cousin and his name is Joshua. In the Bible Joshua and Caleb are together. So my grandma meant for us to always be together. My baby nursery theme was Noah's Ark and two by two. So me and my cousin were always meant to work together. My grandma didn't pick my name out until the day after my cousin was born. Then my mom gave her permission to name me and she knew it had to be Caleb. Caleb is significant as it brings the deeper meaning between me and my cousin.

In the Jewish Encyclopedia it says Caleb means dog from the Hebrew word kelev. Yet that is not the meaning that my mom or grandma meant. They didn't even know it existed. They only new that Caleb was a mighty man of God and they intend for me to be the same.

Favorite Belongings

1. My Xbox, it is important to me because when I get bored I can entertain myself with my favorite games.

2. My phone, it helps with being able to talk with far away relatives. Also being able to reach your mom or dad when you need them.

3. My family, my family is important because they are there when no one else is, and to help you with anything.

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Words That Describe Caleb

1. Strong describes me well because I endure strength of football, being a big brother, and I am also physically strong.

2. Happy describes my attitude and personality. Ian almost always a happy and cheerful person as I don't let the negative things in life get me down.

3. Strong-willed is another great word to describe me. I am a fighter and no matter how many times I am knocked down I will constantly get back up and keep going.

Best Motto

"YOLO" because life is worth living and living means doing what makes you happy because life is too short to have regrets.

Also "study hard and do your work" because I'm sure that's the better motto!

5 Favorite Songs

1. My Way by Fetty Wap and Drake

2. Til I Die by K Camp and T.I.

3. I'm on One by Drake and Lil Wayne and Rick Ross

4. Ice Cream Truck by Montana of 300

5. Right Hand by Drake

Goals For My Life

1. Get good grades and graduate.

2. Get drafted in the NFL.

3. Make good money so I can support my family.

4. Get rich!!!!!!

5. Be the best at whatever I do.

Words From Those Who Know Me

1. "Caring and loving son and great big brother." Rachel Rizer, mom, 33

2. "My baby boy. Tender hearted and sweet and respectful. Always will be my baby." Patricia Rizer, grandma, 58

3. "My second oldest grandson. Strong willed, big boy, smart, kind, and always on his phone." Ernest Simonds, grandpa, 55

4. "I love Caleb. He's the best brother ever!" Javaya Hubbard, sister, 7

5. "I love him like he's my son. He thinks he's big but never too big for discipline. Nah he's a great kid and just needs to apply himself more." Jamal Hubbard, step-dad, 31

6. "I don't know what to say, he's my cousin but I'm older by 33 days. We both like to play Xbox. " Joshua Rizer, cousin, 14

7. "He's sometime mean and doesn't share with me." Jacob Greene, cousin, 9

8. "He's a very nice and easy spirited young man. He has grown so much and has such a big heart." Jessica Plummer, friend, 33

9. "He's a great kid. I've known him his whole life. He's very smart and will do great things as long as he stays focused." Penelope Harris, Godmother , 34

10. "Caleb is a positive and happy young man. He's always got something to say that will make you laugh. He loves music and learns lyrics as soon as he hears them. " Billie Jo Rizer, aunt, 35

Favorite Smell

I love the smell of chicken. It can be fried, baked, boiled, pan seared, or whatever...I just love the smell of chicken! It sounds crazy but I love chicken and the smell reminds me of family and dinner and friends. It's like the soul food for my soul. It creates happiness. It brings me to my roots. I love to eat chicken too. The smell is like the anticipation of something greater coming which is the actual chicken I will eat.
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My Ideal Menu (to include chicken of course!)

Breakfast- pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice

Midday snack- poptarts

Lunch- chicken patty sandwich with lettuce, French fries, and Gatorade

Snack- red Doritos

Dinner- fried chicken, pasta with red sauce, so similar to chicken parmesean

Dessert- chocolate ice cream

My middle school Adventure

My bizarre moment in middle school was in 8th grade when the whole 8th grade went to gradventure ( Universal Studios). Me and a few friends went on a ride called the hulk, at first it seemed scary, but when the ride was over it didn't seem scary anymore and it was actually fun.