Final Project for Religion III

Alyssa McCarron 6th hour

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Who am I now?

I consider my self to be a holy catholic woman who is still growing in her faith and relationship with God everyday. I am a loving kind person who always tries to put the good of others before mine. I can be a little temperamental and sassy at times though. I go to Mass every Sunday that I can. I pray everyday. I am a very athletic person who loves to play soccer. Playing soccer is one of the most important things in my life.

Who do I want to become?

I want to become the better me. I want to grew even closer to God and Jesus. I want to become an inspiration to others by the way I live like Kevin Laue. On the soccer field I look toward Hope Solo as inspiration. I want to be the person who is closer to God. One way I can do this is by following the Theology of the Body. I can learn from Adam and Eve's mistake of disobeying and eaing from the forbidden tree.

What are my dreams in life, my passions?

One of my dreams in life is to be happily married to my future husband. I want to live my faith freely everyday I live. As for my job, I want to be a professional soccer player but they don't get paid as much. I also have a few more ideas I need to sort out. My passions are God and soccer.

What kind of person do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In five years I see my self in college about to finish but it depends on what I decide to do. I see myself playing soccer in college. My faith will increase. In ten years I see myself as a married women. By then I will be out of college and employed. I still will be going to Church and as always growing closer to God.

Where is Christ in your life?

Christ in my life is huge. He is a part of my daily life. I pray to him every day. I am a daughter of Christ. He is the one who took away the sins of the world. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and they are the reason why we have original sin before we are baptized. God and Jesus love and I can tell by the invisible sign of God, the sacramentality body. I study Theology which is the study of God or "faith seeking understanding."

What do you believe is your vocation? Where will Christ fall in your future vocation?

Honesty I do not know what my future vocation will be. Whatever my future vocation will be I know that God will be right next to me. I can always put my faith in God. God is the one who has a plan for me.
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