Slow down to Speed up...

Secrets of Meditation

Slow down to speed up is not an old leadership mantra anymore. Especially in the times of rat race & non-stop multitasking, we are busy all the time. Many times we feel like doing more and more, but achieving less and less. Our life is in constant motion. This results in our brain using more energy than any other part of the body. And, it needs constant replenishment. How could we reverse the situation? What could you do to achieve more?

Meditation comes to our rescue. Meditation can be a useful technique to help you to still the mind and settle your thoughts. With a clear vision and a sense of direction, you can focus your energy more effectively, be more productive and make better decisions.

Join us for a practical session where you will:

- learn about breathing technique that delivers instant energy

- be guided into a meditation where you experience your still mind

To reach your destination faster, You need to slow down to speed up!

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Upcoming Session

Wednesday, March 11th, 6-7:30pm

160 North Main Street


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160 North Main Street

Milpitas, CA

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