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The Red Wolf Assignment 12.3 - Joseph B

Red Wolf

Common and Scientific Names of the Red Wolf

Common name: Red wolf

Scientific name: Canis rufus

Where Can Red Wolves be Found?

Red wolves can be found almost exclusively in eastern North Carolina. In attempts to save the species, red wolves were brought to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, but were relocated to the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina, where they roam 1.7 million acres freely.

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Red Wolfs

Why are Red Wolves in Danger of Extinction?

Red wolves are in danger of extinction mainly due to the events that occurred in the mid-1900's, such as the rise of aggressive predator control programs, habitat destruction, and extensive hybridization with coyotes.

What Steps Are Being Taken to Protect Red Wolves?

Red wolves are being kept in captivity in various locations, and being set free exclusively in eastern North Carolina. Environmental groups are debating whether to keep letting red wolves roam free in North Carolina. Other than that, there isn't really too much being done, and there have been many cases where the public or certain environmentalist groups have been angered by the killings of red wolves and incidents of coyotes hunting red wolves that have been allowed.