Bush Weekly News

April 4 - 8

Welcome Back!

Our spring break went by very fast! I hope everyone had a relaxing break and you're recharged! We have so much taking place during the next few weeks and need everyone on their game. As we return, a lot of prep work will be taking place for MAP testing including staff training, Chromebook prep, and student review. Everyone has done a great job preparing our students and I know they will do well on the test. MAP shirts, for staff members, were ordered and should be arriving shortly. It's hard to believe MAP Testing is upon us!

The SW-PBS Summer Training Institute will be June 13 - 15 at Tan-Tar-A and we need to get registration completed right away. We can send 4 staff members and can split the conference between staff members, if needed (example: 1 go on Monday/1 go on Tuesday). This has been very beneficial for those teaching Summer School. I would like to attend the afternoon session if someone would be interested in attending the morning session. Karen previously told us we can reserve rooms for this conference, but will need to do so right away. Please see me or Joe if you have questions.

Before the break, we had a lot of student issues taking place. It's always very helpful if you make contact with parents and touch base with them on the problems you're experience in the classroom. We often have parents tell us they were unaware of problems taking place and would have appreciated a call home. Just a thought and hopefully will help. As always, if you need assistance, please call the office.

As you're planning field trips, please make sure you provide Food Service 3 weeks notice in order for them to plan for sack lunches. Rhonda sent out an email reminder a couple of weeks ago -- just in case you missed it.

FYI - You may have heard different conversations about the kindergarten transition classroom for next year. It will be housed at Bush and not at FEC. Our preschool classes are growing and they need the space for additional classes. This is a good thing! We will be completing interviews this week, for the position, and it willy be housed in the extra classroom next to Leslea.

The April calendar was ready before break. Please make sure you're checking it for various activities taking place.

Calendar items for the week:

Monday: Welcome back, Lisa!

Tuesday: MAPL's Common Plan @ 7:45/Joe will be out of the building

Wednesday: MAP Training @ 3:30

Thursday: HPRM @ 8:15

Friday: Finish up a great week!

DIAL Screening will be taking place Aprill 11 - 15 at FEC.

April 11th will be a make-up MAP training.

Mid-terms will be sent home on April 15th (this is a change).

Leadership Teamwillmeet Aprill 11th at 7:15.

Chelsea will be returning on April 11th.

As you return, please let me know if you need support or help in your classroom. I appreciate all of your hard work and all you do for our kids at Bush School! I always brag, to friends in other districts, about our staff being the best in the state! You are the best!!!

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Pictures/Classroom Projects

If you have something you'd like for me to feature in our weekly notes, please let me know. As I'm working throughout the building, I'm always trying to look for ideas. I would love to feature high quality engagement work taking place in your classroom!