Application for PR Director

Balqis Saba -for the position PR Director

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1.What are the general external factors in Chennai that are potentially influenceble by youth? How do you propose AIESEC can align to these measures?

A) The major part of the youth of Chennai is highly motivated and encouraged to make a difference. Be it through participation and volunteering for social causes or even taking up internships that improve the quality and intensity of the difference we plan to make.

AIESEC is such a forum that gives you the perfect platform to positively influence change while growing yourself. With most of the youth being unaware of its existence and what exactly it does not only them but we lose out too. Events such as youth speak and our global citizen program being brought to the attention of a larger audience.

2.What do you understand to be the importance and role of a Director in the LC?

A) The director is directly under the executive body they are a leadership body between the excecutive body and management body

3.Specify 3 reasons why you should be considered for this position, and 3 things you need to improve in yourself to align to the position.

  • A) Having always been an active participant in publicizing any event for my school, college and even AIESEC events a role as a PR director would give me a chance to push boundaries and move well beyond my comfort zone.
    • Public Relations is something I have been highly passionate about. Not just as a position but as a part of my future professional goals.
    • I am even more passionate about AIESEC so an opportunity to work as a public relations director would be a rare chance where I can align my Passion, Skill and Experience.
    • First and foremost I need to improve on my computer skills and other tools that aid in the post I am applying for. I have already begun exploring and learning.
    • Nobody is perfect so I plan on improving till I’m the closest version to it and then some.

    4.Enlist your significant contributions to AIESEC in Chennai, relevant to the position you are applying for.

    A) Customer relations manager for MADathon was the first position I took up in AIESEC. More than what anyone explained to me, pitching AIESEC what we do and why we do it to companies and general public was the most enriching experience.

    5.What are the elements that you will bring in to this position?

    A) Being a member of GT for the last 12 months I realised the necessity of marketing GT not just to students but also in start up fests and any other corporate events. We are those breaking the barriers and closing the gap between students and corporates actively creating more entrepreneurs with a sense of responsibility to the world.

    6.What is your understanding of leadership and compare leadership to your style of leading.

    A) One can only call oneself a true leader when you create individuals confident of their capabilities but not confined by them. A team is only successful when the highest target is but the first milestone.

    Though I respect a leader who leads from the front In most aspects one who gives his members opportunity to grow and push their talents beyond their idea of their capabilities.


    1.Why are public relations and media relations important for AIESEC in Chennai?

    A) Public relations and Media relations are important for AIESEC in Chennai because we are a brilliant organization which gives it's members a chance to realise their full potential to lead and to grow disruptively. So having such an organisation it must be a household name among students and the first thing that comes to their mind at the mention of leadership potential and global citizen. Where we give them a chance to realise some of the most popular dreams of 'Travelling the World' and Creating not just an impact but a tremor in shaking up the ways of the world.

    2. How do you plan to increase outreach to the youth of Chennai through on-ground platforms?

    A )By partnering with collegiate events and youth related forums such as MUNs, College Melas, Events etc... Events where AIESECERS can participate and interact because more than what we can explain It’s what we can show of who an AIESECER is.

    3. Other than media relations, in what other ways can the on-ground brand be improved?

    A) Campaign partners such as Loyds tea house, Cyclo café, etc… ( atleast 15 partners in the next 6 months). Partnering with other popular hangouts.

    4. What media and PR channels do you propose to use for our LC? And give a detailed plan for each.

    A) Start by doing a thorough Market research,

    Approach and partner with college journals, radio shows ( spectra one) At least 3 partnerships every 2 months, Other radio shows and new papers ( 91.9 & 94.3 FM) (Dinakaran’s new newspaper and Deccan Chronicles which is looking for new and innovative developments among the youth and for the youth) especially for YSF 1.0.

    5. Elaborate one fundamental strategy you want to implement in order to have best outreach through PR?

    A) Partnerships with other colleges with the presence of AIESEC in MUNs and parlimentary debates. Reaching out to a larger audience and continuing to expand in the student community internally.

    6. Analyse the PR of AIESEC in Chennai till date.

    A) 3 radio shows, multiple advertisements for MADathon but not any quanntified.

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