Take home activity

Fine motor skills by age 2

Fine motor skills or skills involving the small muscles of children's hands gradually improve with age, and by the age of 2 children should be able to perform activities such as stack 5 or more objects, zip a zipper, draw a verticle line, ect.

Activity one: Pasta threading

Materials required: Playdough, rigatoni pasta, and straws

Step one, set up: Set up for this activity is simple, first take some playdough and flatten it onto a hard surface. You will then take a few straws and stand them up in the playdough. Lastly set up a bowl of rigatoni pasta next to the playdough and straws.

Step two, play time: Allow the child to thread or stack the pasta on the straws.

Activity two Monster munch

Materials: Chip clips(optional monster decoration), pom poms, pipe cleaners

Step one: set up: Cut up pipe cleaners, lay out the pipe cleaners and pompoms with matching color bowls.

Step two: Play time: Have the child use the "monster" clips to pinch the pipe cleaners and pom poms and place them into the matching color bowls.