Hawk Weekly

September 2020

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Weekly Update

I have had the opportunity to walk into classrooms this week and see the adorable faces of our students, to hear their sweet voices, and listen to their amazing teacher guide them, reassure them, walk them through norms, and teach them. In 4 short days our students are logging into live lessons and learning how to learn from the remote environment. We know that this process will be slow and steady. We know that we have to teach them how to learn this way before we can jump headfirst into a full day schedule of curriculum and instruction. We have had a ton of successes and moments of celebration this week, we have much to be proud of. We also have more to give, more to learn, and more areas to grow in knowledge of.

In my video message below, I am talking to my Havel Hawks, my students, all of them. I want them to know it's ok to not know something. It's ok to need help in learning how to do school from home. I asked my teachers to show this video to their students today as a part of their lessons. I want them to know that they are loved, they are valued, and that they are supported. While learning looks different and is stressful at times (for my teachers, parents, and students), we are going to be ok. We are a team and we will lift each other up. Please encourage your Havel Hawk to message their teacher with questions and to raise their hand during a meeting.

I also want my families to know this as well. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, we will work through this and support you as you learn the ins and outs of technology. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your support.

Our teachers are available at times throughout the day to work with you. They will hold small group and individual meetings to help you and your student get comfortable with this. There are bumps in the road, but you are never alone.

A message for my Havel Hawks


Our Havel teachers will be taking attendance first thing in the morning and right after lunch daily. If your child will be absent and missing live instruction, please call the absence into the office at 586-797-5299..

School Hours

Our school hours were slightly adjusted for the 2020-2021 school year.

Start Time- 9:10 am

End Time- 4:00 pm

Remote Learning Notes

As your Havel Hawk is "live" with their teacher and instruction, please remember... this is your child's classroom. We know it is going to take some time and that there is a huge learning curve, however our goal is to help them be independent. We want them asking questions, following along, and being engaged. If they are not, the teachers will notice, they will reach out, and they will connect with their students.
Taking a Laptop Picture to Submit to Schoology

Apple Update/Powerschool News

As a result of a recent update by Apple to its PowerSchool app, Apple devices are currently not being allowed to login to the PowerSchool mobile app. Users are receiving one of two error messages: “Connection is Not Trusted” or “Unable to connect to this PowerSchool server for one of the following reasons.”

PowerSchool is aware of the situation and is working on a resolution. We will send an update when the issues have been resolved by Apple and PowerSchool.

The Unified Classroom website (https://classroom.powerschool.com) is still available to parents and students to access PowerSchool Information.
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