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Writing down what you use
"In my family there are two everywhere allergic to. Now it is again, for example hay fever. We only care when it is really needed. Additionally, keep an eye on when it gets worse, and write down the products you use. Allergic reaction knows you therefore identical where it is. “A. Homestead, Vie nondaily

Drink plenty of water
"A lot of water to drink helps to keep your skin. Smoothly Because of this you need less. "(Scented) creams E. Krause, Spink anise

Use sachets
"Put bags of fragrant herbs and flowers in your wardrobes, the smell attracts the clothing and if you put the clothes you wear a natural fragrance free fragrance with you." M. Blue move, Groningen

"Use unscented deodorant and body lotion. Moreover, not every day the same spray perfume. If every day different cologne do you smell it again as well and you enjoy it more. " A. Lob zoo, Goes

Matches after using the toilet
"After visiting the toilet as a match stand out in the toilet instead of a spray is actually much more effective and enjoyable. So put a box of matches in the toilet! " M. Koori, The Hague

Water and vinegar
"Lime deposits in plumbing I remove with water and vinegar. I have no perfumed products needed. " B. Brogan, Zwolle