Lynn Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan's life

Early life

Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr. was born January 31,1914, in Refugio, Texas. He was the youngest of six children of Lynn Nolan Ryan Sr. and Martha Ryan. Ryan grew up on Alven,Texas where his father worked for an oil company and delivered papers for the Houston Post. Ryan credits his father for instilling in him the value of a strong work ethic. In second grade, Ryan began helping his father on his paper routes. Much of Ryan's youth was consumed by sports. While he spent two years on his high school basketball team, it was baseball that was his passion. During his senior year, he dominated the pitching mound. He amassed a 20-4 record, batted .700 in the state tournament, and was named to the All-State team before graduating high school in 1965

Why he is important

He pitched his 3,509th career strikeout with the Astros and also became the first pitcher to surpass Walter Johnson's 1927 record. Ryan holds the world record for pitching the fastest baseball,recorded at 100.9miles per hour.

why he is a roole model to me

the resen that Nolan Ryan is a role model to me is becouse i want to be in the mlb. And when i grow up i want to break mlb records. So i think that if i do what he did i can make it in the mlb.