Flipped Lesson Reflection

Amy Hastings


What went well?

Once I made a plan for how to present my lesson, it was easier than I anticipated to figure out the technology portion of making the assignment. I would definitely be able to do this often in a real classroom.

What could I have done better?

The amount of times I said "um" was embarrassing. I hated listening back to myself. This is just a speech tick I will have to overcome, but in the mean time, having a better plan on what to say would help.


What did you learn?

I learned that I probably won't be using this format too often unless I see a strong reason for it. So much of theater depends on modeling, and I can only show that so much through videos.

How will you apply this?

I would apply flipped lessons if I need to take the full class period to work on a class activity, and needed my students to have background information. This would cut down on in class lecture time.


I loved that the site I used allows me to put in a short quiz at the end of the lesson. This helps me ensure that all students watched and participated in the lesson. In class the next day, I would be sure to summarize the video in order to jog their memories.

Holding you accountable?

In order to use or continue to use flipped lessons, I would need to continually check in with myself in order to ensure that the method of teaching is actually improving the content.


I would be interested in talking to a theater teacher who uses flipped lessons. At this point in time I cant imagine that it would be used too often at all, but maybe this is just because I am new to the concept. I would love to hear about how other arts teachers use this method.