Promblems Solved

Do's and Don't and Dress Code at NA

Folkways at NA

A Folkway at NA are nice things that you can do. (Ex: Say Thank You to the lunch ladies after finishing lunch.) If you break a folkway it will be considered rude but, it will not cause any serious problems.

Laws Of Detention

Mores at NA is a form of a school rule of the NA Culture. (Ex: To never cheat on a test on purpose.) If you break Mores it will hurt your reputation at NA and will give you detention.

Your Are Out!!!!!

Taboos at NA are very important because they help keep the school so anything does not go out of hand if . (Ex: Breaking a Taboo would be Bullying and Hurting a fellow student at NA many times.) If you break a Taboo it might result in getting kicked out of the school.

NA Dress Code

Don't worry at NA the dress is not some confusing idea that is trying to ruin your day. It is a simple idea that is not hard to follow. Boys may wear khaki shorts until September 30th after that you can wear khaki pants at May 1st you may wear khaki shorts again. Boys may wear collared shirts without writings. On Fridays you may wear shirts without collars but, you still may not wear shirts with pictures on it.
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